All Dogs go to Heaven, and...

Windows Media


This film is interesting in of what an experiment it was. What I wanted to do was make a film based around heavy editing, and to do that I devised a very strange mathematical editing style based on a couple words and a cell phone keypad inspired by an argument I had with my film teacher over converting film shot at 18fps to 24fps.. However, while I had decided how to edit the damn piece, I had not yet decided what to shoot, so I decided to film something I like, and I choose cats, especially good because I happen to know a lot of them.  

A fun and special problem, however, that I ran into while making this piece, was that while I had bought Tri-X film, the clerk had handed me Plus-X film instead, which is much less sensitive to light than Tri-X, resulting in a much darker image. I made do with what I had, however, and I still kinda like how it came out.

The words come from a couple different sources. Some are anime I grew up with, some are from children's books, and some are from elsewhere. The film "Sun", which is the silent and perplexing alternate cut of "Will there Be Sun of Monday?" was made as practice for some of the editing I was going to use in this movie.


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