(a non-linear hyper-drama)


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This short is of course based off of the comic my teddy bear, Ms. Strawberry Gashes, writes. I'm kind of entertained that I managed to convince 2 teachers, not 1, but 2, to let me do work on this as my final project for their class. In the first semester I had a class entitled Form Study. Now, this was not my favorite class I had that semester (although I did like it better than American Thought and Government, which I slept through and later dropped) and  have a bad habit that I picked up in High School of not caring about the work if I don't like the class. Now, the teacher of the class, and I, had several disagreements throughout the semester, one of which led to my favorite quote anyone has said about my work. "Sean, you can't make shit and call it your aesthetic." Anyway, I fucked around in that class so much that my ability to pass hinged on creating a project that would wow the teacher. Already, some of the base ideas for the short had been forming in my head, and so I decided I wanted to make my final project relate to this short as I knew it was something I was going to care about. I got approval from the teacher and constructed a puppet that was originally to be featured in the short. I made a test animation, and for my final, I had a really crappy sculpture (the assignment was that I had to make something inspired by the sculpture I had made in the previous assignment), the puppet, and my laptop looping the test animation. It was fortunately a success. A friend of mine even gave the puppet a name, "the old lady in a hat". 

Anyway, during the winter break, I went on the local cable channel to do an interview regarding Pride's Cloke, which was my entry into the 2004 EFF. During the interview I announced that I was to start work on a new short starring Ms. Gashes later that week. This claim of course was not to be kept.

During the second semester, I had a class called Drawing II, taught by one of my favorite teachers I have had to date. Anyway, we had to propose projects to her, which would be presented at the end of the semester, along with a book chronicling the process. The term book, however, was given an extremely loose definition. The projects I took upon myself were the short, and a book of I Eat Food! comics. Occasionally I would present animatics of the short to prove I was actually doing something, and what progress I had on the I Eat Food! book. The way through I made comics about the process. Anyway, I focused most of the term doing the CG work, and the I Eat Food! book. The I Eat Food! book was never completed (or rather, has yet to be). The drawn animation stuff was done about half way through the semester, and the "stop motion" work was primarily done in the last 2 - 3weeks because I am a procrastinating sack of crap. This led to allot of what I had planned being cut out, such as the aforementioned robot, the murder of Boris, what the hell Lily Black and Vivica had to do with anything, and where Ms Gashes is at the end. I plan on making the sequel some day, which I am unsure of how I'm gonna deal with coherence, but I leave that to the future. Anyway, this short was a huge success with the primary complaint being that I used music that didn't fit lyrically with the images. From now on I'm trying to not rely on copyrighted music as much as possible anyway. 



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