Fan Mail!


Subject :  Gotcha dollar

Jeff from Cambridge, MA here....  Found a dollar with your web address on it.  Glad I did.  Your shit is cool.  Like your site a lot.  I'll come back and visit soon.

Be well,

Subject :  re:Gotcha dollar

Hey Sean Davis,

Well, I could lie and say that I gave a guy a blow job and he gave me the dollar...  but It was part of the change I received when I bought a pack of cigarettes (marlboro reds) at a corner market, specifically the Newtowne Variety Store on Windsor Street in Cambridge, MA. 

I thought about holding onto it after emailing you, but alas, it was the last dollar in my pocket, and it's about 20 degrees here today and I didn't want to go all the way to the ATM so I used it to buy a coffee at Toscanini's coffee shop on Main Street In Cambridge.  If you lived here, you'd go there for coffee too.  The people are cool, the coffee is strong, the art on the walls is stronger, and you can't tell who is straight or gay.

I'm gay.  I used to be straight.  I'd dare say that both hetersexuality and homosexuality suck at times (especially the times there is no sucking!)

Where are you in the world?



Subject :  Eddy, a god . . . thing

Post it as fanart if you'd like.  Keep up the work.  Without people like you, Keenspace will become Keenspot 2, something I personally do not want to see happen.  I found your site using the NewsHack, though your usage of dollar notes seems interesting.


Subject :  I Eat Food
I've been looking through your site.  It confuses me.  I'm not sure
what's going on, but you seem to be having a good time - kind of how I
feel when watching people play cricket.

I keep returning to your site, and trying to figure it out.  It's
turning into a crack habit for me.

You're an art student?  Actually, that makes sense.  I believe there
is a definite purpose to your character design.  Sloppy/slick and
geometrically precise while seemingly being mixed with a bit of noise.

Or whatever.  Hell, just keep it up.

We may have to visit sometime ;)


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