Revelation, Verse II

Windows Media

This video was my Video final for the first semester of my Sophomore year. It was a bitch to shoot to. The camera kept fucking up, the microphone was giving me issues, etc. It probably was my worst shoot yet, and I'm not entirely satisfied with this project. When it came time to edit the bastard, I didn't like the way my favorite takes meshed together. This resulted in my making a decision editing-wise that I would have avoiding making if at all possible, but I did what I could. See if you can spot the big continuity error! 

The idea came from my constant claims that the MassArt major SIM is a cult. The SIM kids are everywhere, in fact there is most likely at least one in every single class. They get the nice bathrooms in their department too. Not just clean, I mean nice, as in hotel nice. Also, nobody knows what they do exactly, except SIM students. All I know is that at least once a week, they report their progress to the SIM department.

Now, the video itself is meant to be humorous, but in general I haven't gotten the reactions I want from it. I showed it to my family, they didn't get it, I showed it to some of my friends, they didn't get it, even some of the MassArt students didn't get it. When I showed it to my video class, however, they all cracked up almost immediately. Every SIM kid I've shown this to loves it, and none of them have denied the veracity of it...

The person against the blue wall in the video was a member of my Video class that semester, and is a SIM major.


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