The Green Man in Spring

Windows Media


This short was a sigh of relief, and a pleasure. At the time, I was involved in a massive project that was just horrible, and personally stressful, and it was almost the only thing creative I was doing at the time, and then along came The Green Man in Spring. Working on this film was nearly a religious experience not only in that we had a lot of fun shooting it, but I really enjoyed writing it and editing it. 

Not to say this film didn't present it's own special issues. I could only afford 1 roll of film, meaning most scenes had only one take shot, with a bunch of rehearsing, and several of shots came out darker than I wanted them to. This means that this is a rare instance where  the video version looks better than the film.

What was really surprising about it, however, was just how few people got the  Looney Tunes references.



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