NeWs aRcHiVe



So, at this update I've fixed some spelling
errors here and there, and added new 
videos to download.

Also, I've put the forums back up. Why?
Because I forgot I had it. One section 
requires registration to create new topics, 
but you can post in already existing 

The other section is for posting whatever 
the hell, registered or not. Expect to see
gibberish spam in it from bots.



So, thanks to a IceSage, the videos are now hosted 
on his site, IceSage's Domain! Thank you! So if they
 aren't all back up yet, they will be soon.

Also, I have a new video or 2 that may go up within 
the next month or so, so, look forward to it?



Ok, important shit first, see that link up there? If you are
so inclined, and able to, please, please, please help out.
There are also links to donate money, and to try to find 
out about loved ones who were there.

Less important news: NJ Huff created a pic of me as a 
, view here! And read Emergency Exit.

Lesser important news: The videos no longer work, and
probably won't work again anytime soon. Comic
updates may end up in sporadic bursts of 4 uniterrupted
in a row as I am currently developing a video project, 
and school starts September 7th.



So, xCHOPSTICKSx-Neo!: a non-linear hyper-drama has
received its own page, The one for Children's Story will be 
re-vamped when I can get the new video files to upload to 
my storage space for them.

In other news, Eunice P, who writes the very comic I come 
from Mars, has created guest art for me in exchange for a 
link to his site.

Seriously folks, read it, it's good!



So, a new short has been added, one I just finished today. 
This time it's live action!

Pride's Cloke also now has a seperate page offering an 
alternate cut of the short, and downloads of both cuts in 
Quicktime and Windows media format.

Expect more changes to the video section in the future as 
I add new shorts (when they get made) and/or renovate 
it a bit. 

Plans for the section include updating the Children's Story
page to contain an alternate cut, as well as downloads of 
both cuts in Quicktime and Windows media. The quality 
of the Quicktime files will have improved as well. 
xCHOPSTICKSx-Neo!: a non-linear hyper-drama will 
get it's own page eventually, with my memories of that 
one as well.

Share and enjoy, folks.



So, Keenspace has changed it's name officially to Comic Genesis!

"wait! Does that mean that there is a change of management and that 
the new people might hate your comic and that maybe this stupid 
pile of donkey shit is in trouble of deletion!??!!!?"

Well, nope, still the same old people, just a new name. It's good,
Now we'll get a comic sampler for next free comic book day, which
means that there is a chance that more people across the nation will
become enamored of my terrible trash.

My friends, to the future!



This is the most recent (as of the posted date) short that I
have finished.

A new, absolutely retarded, guest comic has been posted.


Children's Story



This is John Bolton, the man Shrubya wants to be our ambassador
To the U.N.

Hear what he has to say about the U.N.!
Real Media

Pissed off yet? I know I am.

Click here to take action.



Weee! My e-mail box is bursting with fanmail! 
See! A new one is available for you viewing pleasure!

Oh, and I was on TV in my home-town recently.

You can watch me chair-dance, ramble on, see my 
visage rendered in an oh-so in flattering manner, 
my bear-bear, and my shitactular short! 

Part 1! (contains the short)
Part 2! (bablings)
Part 3! (the finale)

Right click, and save as for posterity!

All are windows media.



Ok, so I'm getting off my lazy ass and fixing some shit on the site.

You know, I almost considered giving up all the glamour and 
splendor that is I Eat Food!, but I decided to continue with this horrible thing.

Lucky you.

New year, and soon, new bumper sticker for everyone to  ignore!

I don't need this, I'm an art student...



Buy this.
They make excellent stocking stuffers!

Many people do not seem to understand just what
my bumper sticker means.

Here's a clue, this one is available from the CBN site:



Much fun is to be had in the near future...






Buy this.

You can watch Farenheight 911 online right now for free.
No bullshit. No surveys, no sign-ups.

Watch Farenheight 911 now

Remember to vote next Tuesday. 


As of now, I Eat Food is a MWF comic.

Oh, and remember to fucking vote you bastards!

No matter what your politics are, it's shameful that 
about 50% of the population of this country who 
could vote, don't. Let your fucking voice be heard 
goddamn you!


Buy this.

Also, a new page is added, a links page! Oh my!

Read this! Now damn you!



Ok, my stupid webcomic political rant is done. Thank you
for staying with me if you have. If you didn't stay, well then,
Yeah! ok man. Sooooo...

New merch is available. It's a political bumper sticker, that
also whores out the site. GO ME! I am a winner. 

Also, there is a new shirt design here. It's made by request.

And, there is now a gallery of people with my merch!
People are buying my merch! A winner is me, indeed.


A friend of mine has created a webcomic, and created this
terrible attrocity based on me. Deities Requiem.
I Eat Food! is directly refferenced in this one. How do you
fuck up drawing a stick figure? How goddamn you!?!?


Oh frabjous day! Calloo! Callay! I am chortling in joy!
The Federal Marriage Amendmant has been voted down!



I Eat Food is hosted on Comic Genesis!